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Friday, February 17, 2012

The exciting conclusion to my quarterly PokerScout traffic commentary:

4.  888Poker.  $4 max rake when all the other majors are are at $3 (or lower in the case of Stars midstakes).  Hmm.   What's DoubleFly going to say about that?  That's right!  Go f*ck  yourself!  It's not clear to me whether a $4 max rake or penalizing winning players on VIP rewards sucks more - I would guess the latter.  But the spike in volume the last 2 months may warrant some investigation - maybe I should look into this more.  Did I say "warrant" and "investigation"?  Umm...  BTW, did I mention how much I love my DOJ spies?

5. Ongame. See iPoker.  BWIN left you.  Essence is offensive to anyone who likes to win.  The cranky old man says... Go f*ck yourself!

6.  [Edit: I wrote this before BCP suspended bank wires]  Merge. Now that their cashout issues seem somewhat resolved (you can make large cashouts on some skins), they should break into the top 5 by the end of the year - especially since sites 3-5 seem to be run by CCC dropouts who have no idea how to make money running an online poker site.  Unfortunately, the DOJ caused  Everleaf (Minted) to close to the US, so that's never a good sign for the biggest site still accepting US customers.  As a result, I keep a minimum balance on 1 skin.  Don't go gettin' crazy with keeping a huge roll here, but it's still worth playing.  I really like the network - good rewards programs, decent games and above-average software.  The games suck (quantity and quality) when the BBJ is low, but you can play a reasonable number of hours a day.

You might be saying, "well, I want to go where the competent regs won't go.  Sign me up for sites #3-5."  Good.  Fewer bumhunters to bother me.  Who knows?  Maybe I'm just shooting myself in the foot by  not playing much on sites that "may" be softer (not sure that they are softer).  But I'm not going to give significant volume to a site whose policies I think is crap, and whose policies are bad for the players in the long run.  I pay 6 figures a year in rake, and I'm voting with my mouse as to what direction I would like to see online poker go.

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  1. Hey doublefly I know this is off topic, but i was wondering if you have any advice on how to play from the US using a VPN.