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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sigh.  Another month closer to the grave and I haven't done much last month.  I owe you some updates:

1.  WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK?  G was caught lying.  It started with him saying "ass" on the bus (not calling another kid that - was talking about the body part).  Apparently that gets you reported down here.  More apparent was that next year we need to get the bus driver more than just a box of Mrs. Fly's cookies and a gift card for Xmas...  or maybe we just get him NOTHING since the gift apparently did NOTHING!  (just kidding - sort of...)  Anyway, rather than do the right thing when questioned about it, he chose to lie about it and it eventually escalated to the vice principal's office.  This was just one of a few incidents which for some reason all got reported to us last week.  But I don't want my blog to be some kind of detailed crime blotter.  My message to him was, it's okay to make a small mistake - but don't make it a BIG mistake by lying about it.  Kids are going to test some boundaries when they are younger - it doesn't bother me that he said "ass."  But people aren't going to forgive as easily when you LIE to them.  So we had to deal with the problem Fly style - make the resolution of the problem so arduous that he won't want to do it again.  Mission accomplished.  I think.  I hope?  But maybe I can't be too hard on the little guy, since apparently there are a bunch of grown men on 2+2 who haven't quite learned that lesson either.

2. POKER:  Another month, another 18bis under ev.  Still had a decent month, but holy crap does poker get frustrating when you run bad.  I even yelled in the house (which I rarely do), and D started crying.  He's so cute when he cries - makes all of Daddy's bad beats go away.  Well, not really, but I'm laughing about it now.  What a bad start to the year - ALMOST FORTY FIVE BUY-INS UNDER EV!!!  It's so weird because in the prior 3+ years of playing poker, I think I was always within like 25bis or so of neutral EV.  I guess I should be grateful that I'm only 1+bi under ev this month.  Not.  The really sick thing about running 18bis under in February is that I didn't put in much volume - less than 30% of January's volume.  So I was getting shat on even more severely than when I thought I was getting shat on.  In before G says "shat" on the bus.

3. WEIGHT:  Same.  Doh!  I really need to get back on track with this.  If this goes on another month, I'm going to have to do something more draconian in April.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.  Seriously tho, I'm going to exercise starting tomorrow.  Hmm...  I can just hear Mrs. Fly saying, "I'll believe it when I see it."  In before G says "fat ass" on the bus.

4.  BOOK:  I started an outline, but I'm having a little trouble deciding if I should have the book be geared more towards noobs or pros.  I think the better thing is to have Volume 1 be geared toward (live) noobs (like how to turn on the computer, etc) to get them all interested in playing online poker.  And have Volume 2 be more the advanced stuff that some of the regs may like.  I don't want to scare people off of playing online poker by talking about the advanced use of stats.  But I may never be able to write that second book if I keep the first book too basic.  Anyway, I'll have a better idea once I start fleshing out the content a little better.  The iPad3 is supposed to come out this month, so I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm going to write the book on the iCloud server (so that I can take notes any time on any device and not have to worry about which version is the most current).  I think this should help me be a little more productive, but we'll see.  In before G says "lazy mofo" on the bus.

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