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Friday, April 26, 2013

The other day, a good friend of mine and I went to a local sushi restaurant for lunch.  They have pretty good bluefin toro on the menu, and it was one of our  favorite places to go.  But a strange thing happened.  Even though we had been good customers for years, he said they had a change of supplier and instead served us what could only be described as "Chicken of the Sea."  I had to spit that shit out it was so bad.  I was just like WTF?!?  Then he says they also had to increase prices 66%.  So I told him to go fuck himself, and went to the men's room to try and rinse that shit out of my mouth.

On my way back, I notice other patrons I had never seen before eating MY bluefin toro.  Seriously?!?  So you didn't run out of toro...  you just refuse to give me any and are giving it complete randoms.  If it wasn't for the fact that I'm a (semi) respectable citizen, I would have taken a flamethrower and burned that fucking shit hole down.  So I get back to the table so that we can leave, and my buddy is sitting there eating that crap they served!  I'm like WTF?!?  How can you possibly eat that shit?!?  And pay more for it?!?  He completely agreed with everything I said and was just as vocal about it, but yet he just sat there eating it like a god damn pansy.  In fact, I looked around and most of the other regulars were sitting there eating the same crap.  Some of them even wore these ridiculous disguises to look like new patrons so they would be served the good stuff.  So I left by myself.

Did this really happen?  Well... yes and no.

It wasn't a sushi restaurant.  It was Party Poker.
I wrote about it a month ago, so I'm not going to go into the details again.  But I was looking at PokerScout a month ago and was shocked to learn that they actually MOVED UP to be the #2 poker site in the world (they used to be #3).  Part of it is that FT is falling like a stone (imagine that!  Give crappy rewards and regs won't play - watch carefully Party), so all Party had to do was stand still.  But how can it stand still when it just served all regs Starkist tuna and cut the top rewards from 50% to 30%?  Shouldn't it have dropped?!?  Am I in Bizarro World?!?  Someone please help me understand.  There are so many other poker sites.  Why would you stay?!?  People whine about an injustice and do squat about it.  So annoying!

At least at Stars, they are offering ahi toro, though their Zoom and table starter experiments.  Isn't that preferable to Starkist and paying MORE for it?  And Stars is not being offensive or shady about it.  TBH, I can't think of any place I would rather NOT play than Party.

For a while, I was pretty disgusted because Party actually creeped up to be the number #2.  Well, after a few more weeks of what probably turned out to be regs working off their bonuses, I am not happy to report that there is justice in the world and now Party is the #4 poker site... soon to be #5 (they are only 10% ahead of 888).  FT shafted regs and fell like a stone (and are now trying to recoup by bringing back BlackCard and rewarding top regs).  So I hope the poker leaders finally get the message that running a profitable poker business in 2013 involved taking care of your regular customers.  My head wants to explode every time Zach talks about how regs don't pay rake and it's all paid by the fish.  As these recent missteps by FT and Party show, if you don't take care of your regs, you are going to go down and go down fast. 

Next time, I'll post what I think are the top poker sites for ROW regs. 

Hint: has something to do with the massive banner on the top of my blog.  In these times where the games keep getting tougher, you need the best rewards you can possibly get.


  1. Hey Doublefly. I've been reading your blog for probably about a year now and love the content. I remember you saying a few times that you use to be a stock market trader. I am just getting into learning about trading in the forex market and was wondering if you had any basic advice or wisdom you could share since I respect what you say, Thanks.

  2. i used to be an interest rate derivatives trader. Never did stocks (except for S&P futures), and just the occasional forex trade. on the right side of my blog, there is a label called "trading" - there are 12 posts there, so maybe you'll find some of them interesting.