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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So how do the US sites stack up?  My quarterly review of PokerScout data continues...

1. Bodog.  I guess this site must be super-fishy.  Because anonymous tables, 4 table max and low rewards aren't exactly reg-friendly.  Maybe one day when I have some free time, I'll give this a look.

2. Revolution.  This is what happens to sites that take 5 months to pay out.  Not sure what happened...  I can only imagine they must've had a huge cash shortfall (like the DOJ seizing some of their assets, or a processor running away with their money, or Jen Larson needing a ton of plastic surgery to escape of the wrath of people she embezzled).  In any event, it looks like the transfer times are getting a little better (but still incredibly poor),

3. Merge.  $4 max rake for NL400 and below and $5 max rake for NL600 and above.  Apparently management is so out-of-touch with the games today that they thought this was a good move.  Umm... no.  Doublefly's prediction is that by the end of the year, they will be the #5 US poker site in volume (at best).  They will be surpassed by Winning and Ultimate Poker - easily.

4. Winning Poker.  Why "easily"?  Because Winning is the only site where: 1) Rake is "normal," 2) Payouts are reasonable (for a US-facing site), AND 3) You can multitable with a HUD.  Wow.  Such basic requirements for a poker site, and yet none of the top 3 meet all three criteria.  So if you need a great deal on Black Chip and I'll add in some "stuff" like a free database review, HH opinions, and other stuff, send me an email (doubleflypoker@gmail.com), along with your 2+2 screen name.

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